Personal Learning Coach – Online Education Assessment Tool

Client: LetMeLearn.org / Project Description: Personal Learning Coach; online learning...
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Real Estate Campaign

Allegro Real Estate Campaign Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Metro...
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Libbie Mill Town Center Website

Client: Nimblepitch for Gumenick Properties / Project Description: Integrated website with...
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Condominium Marketing Campaign – West Village Shirlington

West Village Shirlington Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Kettler Project Description: Condominium...
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Website for Concert Series – Non-profit Organization

Tappahannock Concert Series Client: Tappahannock Main Street Program Project Description: Pro bono...
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Bainbridge Town Center Advertising

Client: Bainbridge Development Corporation Project Description: Introductory print campaign for proposed town...
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Clark Turner Real Estate Builder’s Website

Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Clark Turner Project Description: Sales...
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IXI-Equifax Website

IXI Wallet Insights Client: IXI-Equifax Project Description: Wallet Insights Landing Page Role:...
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a woman looking out onto the airport runaway

Equifax “Do You Know” B2B Ads

Client: IXI-Equifax / Project Description: IXI-Equifax "Economic Cohorts" Awareness Marketing Campaign /...
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Information Poster Design for National Science Foundation

Client: National Science Foundation Project Description: Global warming information posters for...
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Interior, holiday card and pocket folder cover

Greeting Card and Pocket Folder Design

  Client: Greater Reston Art Center / Project Description: Greeting card...
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Tysons Reserve Sales Center

Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Tysons Reserve / Project Description: Popup...
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Delancey Real Estate Sales Center

Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Bozzutto / Project Description: Condominium sales center...
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Pear Tree Cottage, Cotswolds, UK, Web & Mobile Campaign

Video: Client: R&C Ltd. / Project Description: Revised website design...
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Data Direct Animated Corporate Presentation

Client: Data Direct Software Developer Project Description: Corporate presentation for...
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Interactive Video Installation Concept

Client: Kettler / Project Description: Video installation concept for retail display. Projected...
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Firefighters’ Recruitment Campaign

Client: Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department / Project Description: Complete integrated...
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Zenith Apartments Web Site

Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Bozzutto / Project Description: Condominium...
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Canyon Ranch Branding and Brochure System

Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Canyon Ranch / Project Description:...
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Tyron Condominium Website Design

Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Tyron Properties / Project Description:...
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Claraview Corporate Website Design

Client: Claraview / Project Description: Website Design / Role: Art...
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The Gramercy at Metropolitan Park Website

Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Kettler / Project Description: Condominium marketing website...
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Dumont Condominiums

Client: Dumont Condominium / Project Description: website design with slider...
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Mclean Project for the Arts Website

Mclean Project for the Arts Website Client: MPA / Project...
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Accion Entrepreneur Incubator Website

Client: Nimblepitch for the Frontier Co. / Project Description: Website...
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Hollywood Cemetery Visitor Guide Website

Client: Hollywood Cemetery for Nimblepitch and Addison-Clark/ Project Description: Integrated...
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Marketing Brochure for Logan Station Condominiums

Logan Station Brochure Client: Merrick Towle Communications for Logan Station...
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OPM Corporate Brochure

Client: Office of Personnel Management / Project Description: Pocket Folder...
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Interactive Timeline Kiosk

INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE PIONEERS ASSOCIATION interactive kiosk. Writing, virtual reality, interactive...
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